Copy of Instructions for Proper Use


First Time Use Video (Please watch this before attempting to use your WindshieldWow!)



Installing Your Extension Arm:

Included in the Pro Set, extension arm is an accessory that can be purchased separately

1. Remove the vinyl cover cap from the external paddle of your Windshield WOW! by twisting and pulling upward at the same time!

2. Next, place your extension arm with the hinge head flat onto the top of the external paddle’s knob with the STEEL PIN DOWN!  Place the steel pin into one of the four smaller holes, as seen marked below:


Note the CORRECT and INCORRECT orientations of the steel pin:




3. Now, install the threaded knob into the center hole and screw it into the threaded insert in the center of the paddle’s hand knob. Hand tighten.


The below picture is the correct installation of the extension arm:


Note the RIGHT and WRONG installation below. Notice the hinge action is low and near the magnetic paddle.


Notice the difference? On the right, the hinge head is on upside down!  The hinge action is high above the integral paddle knob.  This will result in the paddle falling off all the time when you push it with the extension arm. And the metal hinge piece could contact the windshield and cause scratches if you accidentally flip it off the windshield and onto its side. DO NOT DO THIS!!!  This can not happen if you install it properly. We are not responsible for any damage that is caused by improper installation of the extension arm.


Proper Windshield WOW! Staging and Use


Never clean your windshield glass in the direct sun.  Always seek a shaded area.  Hot sun causes rapid evaporation of the glass cleaning liquid and streaks/smears will be the result!

Also, your windshield glass should be cool before cleaning it.  A hot windshield will also make the cleaner evaporate too fast and yield bad results.

Staging your Windshield WOW!:

We recommend staging the components conveniently on your vehicle hood as shown above.  Use the black foam paddle storage trays to set the paddles on the hood.

Place a stack of blue micro-fiber cloths and the gray finish buffing cloths on the hood as well.

You can place a can of spray way foam glass cleaner safely on the hood using the Wow Can Condom stretched over the bottom of the can.


Attach Microfiber Cloth to External Paddle


Attach a blue micro fiber cloth to the external paddle first by pressing the velcro bottomed side to the stack of cloths--it will automatically adhere. (make sure the cloth is centered evenly on the paddle)

Spray External Microfiber Cloth:

Next spray the external paddle's cloth well with your glass cleaner.


Set External Paddle:

Next, set the external paddle on the outside of your windshield.  make sure it is close to your open car door window.


Attach Microfiber Cloth to Internal Paddle:

Next, repeat the previous step of installing a blue micro-fiber cloth on the inside paddle.

Spray Internal Microfiber Cloth:

Spray the inside paddle liberally with glass cleaner as well.

Install by Aligning Internal Paddle with the External Paddle:

Reach in through the open car door window and place the inside paddle onto the location of where the external paddle is sitting and attach the paddles together.  Don't worry, the inside paddle will jump to the external paddle but it wont harm the windshield.

Spray Windshield with Cleaner:

Spray glass cleaner around the external paddle and internal paddle liberally.  Yes, reach in the open door window and spray some glass cleaner around the inside paddle too.

Push and Pull Until Clean (Extension Arm optional)

Thoroughly wet clean your windshield until the blue micro-fiber cloths come off totally clean.  You can stop and turn the cloths around to use both sides, and replace with new ones if need be.  

Make sure you keep the external paddle from encroaching into the black glass border around your outside windshield--this is where hard dash, side pillars and mirror mount reside on the inside and will make the inside paddle fly off.

Don't get discouraged if the inside paddle falls off--it takes a few times to get the hang of staying out of the black glass border of your windshield!  Stay out of this border area and the inside paddle wont ever fall off unless you want to remove it.

If you find it too hard to push or pull the external paddle:

1. Use more glass cleaner and make sure you're using SprayWay foam brand.  It makes the paddles glide easily@

2. Try pushing/pulling quicker.  That breaks the friction easier.

3. If all else fails, you can purchase a set of reducer pads from us that reduce the pull strength. (Or ask us and we will send a set free!)

Finish Buff Your Windshield When Wet Cleaning is Complete

When you have thoroughly wet cleaned your entire windshield with the blue microfiber cloths, install the Wow Finish Buffing Cloths (or alternatively you can use paper towel for finishing buffing as shown at the end of these instructions).

Perform Finish Buffing:

Perform finish buffing with the windshield mostly dry.  Continue back and forth until no more streaks are visible.  Feel free to use a slight misting of glass cleaner or even some rubbing alcohol as you dry finish buff.  


Alternative Paper Towel Buffing Method:

Attach Paper Towel Squares to the top paddle:

Position top paddle:


Attach paper towel square to the bottom paddle:

Install paddles, spray windshield with alcohol, and push/pull to buff:


Wow! Paper Towel Accessory (Alternate means of finish buffing)

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How Ensure you Get Streak Free Results

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