Jeff K.

My wife bought the pro kit for my Christmas present.  This thing is absolutely amazing!  I own a Tesla Model Y and the roof is completely glass.  I used the Windshield WOW to clean the windshield, roof, and hatch.  The magnets are so strong I was a bit winded by the end but the glass is cleaner than it was when I picked up the car new. I cannot recommend the WW enough - best Christmas gift ever!

Terence Y.

My wife bought the pro kit for my Christmas present.  This thing is absolutely amazing!  I own a Tesla Model Y and the roof is completely glass.  I used the Windshield WOW to clean the windshield, roof, and hatch.  The magnets are so strong I was a bit winded by the end but the glass is cleaner than it was when I picked up the car new. I cannot recommend the WW enough - best Christmas gift ever!Just got mine and I'm impressed at how good it works!!


Chris C.

Good Morning,
I wanted to let you know that I did receive my order and I am absolutely thrilled with it.  My wife says her glass is 100% better after using it on her car.  I will recommend this product to everyone I know.   Thank you very much


Michael J.

I absolutely hate cleaning the inside of my windshield. I would just drive with the nasty caked on haze that makes it terrible to drive into sunlight and even harder to defog when it's damp out. I bought the pro kit and it is a dream. So much so that I went and did 4 of the cars at my house in less time with less effort than doing 1 the conventional way. I used to use a half a roll of paper towels and windex while contorting like a circus sideshow. All this took was some windex and 4 micro fiber towels. It definitely has a learning curve and I did have it pop off a few times or get stuck between the dash and windshield but for my 1st time it wasn't bad at all. I suggest getting the magnet enhancers and the reducer pads so you can adjust to your liking. the only complaint I have is the rubber handle on the extension is very loose. I would have liked something more secure or glued on so it stops sliding off during opertion.


Susan H.

I bought one of these and my inside windshield has never been so clean!


Mark C.

I just used the windshield version. Cleaned from the inside out. It works good.
Watch the instructional video. It shows why some people have trouble with it. 


Brian M.

Love Mine!


Richard R.

I got mine last night. Of course I couldn’t wait to try it. Those are some strong magnets. Works like a dream. Fantastic product. Well done. Highly recommended and really fast delivery. 


Patty B.

Just did my windows last evening and they look great! There was definitely a learning curve for me, but overall, I thought it worked great. I’m sure next time will go even better.


Matt N.

So, I bought it. It takes some practice, but I'll be using this for a long, long time. To reach the edges on the outside that are blocked by the pillar trim on the inside, I offset the magnets for an overlap. Works great. Thanks for making what I designed in my head (but did nothing about) years ago. This thing is gold.



Tony H.

A little patience till you get the right combination of cleaner and paddle speed. Then, it's a great product. Works well.


Mike K.

I bought and tried last weekend, it really works. I was pleasantly surprised 


David B.

This works!


Dale L.

Great Product!


John B.

Just got mine Saturday bought it for for 2018 F150 works great. The only thing I will tell people to do is watch the video for the first time user and all will be great. Worth every penny to me. Thanks for a product that does what it is advertised to do.


Don B.

So, I’m not a paid spokesperson. I don’t usually buy stuff off of Facebook. And actually, I went to the website for the product directly rather than from Facebook. In fact the product name put me off initially. But I went from a small, vertical windshield that was easy to clean inside and out (Jeep Wrangler) to a large, angled windshield with lots of dash in the way. To make a short story long, I bought a Windshield Wow pro kit. I used it for the first time today. My windshield is the cleanest inside and out that it’s been since we bought it. I would buy it again after having used it.


Aaron B.

I have one and love it. 


William C.

Why are these not in every auto parts store. Got mine today and cleaned my windshield with ease. Spotless. What a great idea.


Brian G.

Love mine.


Keith P.

I can't stress enough how well these things work. Definitely worth the price!


Andy S.

Great product. Did a great job cleaning the rear window of my Audi A5. Highly recommend.


Tom D.

Bought for detailing and im happy I never have to fit my 6ft 4 Inch ass into a front or back dash again! Love it!


Adam R.

Just bought it.. used it once and my windows never looked so good.. what a neat product... not perfect.. but way easier than I would normally have to do..


David N.

Used it yesterday, amazing. So clean! Windshield is crystal clear


Steven H.

I was very hesitant at first but I thought I would give it a try. This works great on my SUV! I was shocked. Those magnets are very strong and they do a great job. It does take some “elbow grease” to push and pull the magnets across the windshield but well worth it. I prefer to do a complete wet cycle then go over it with the dry inserts. (All provided…except glass cleaner). Overall a GREAT invention and well worth the $. Thanks!


Michael C.

 Mine just arrived today. Cleaned my f150 windows really well. It does what they say it will do. 


Pamela H.

I have this! It’s actually pretty handy. I’m short so it’s hard for me to reach all the glass. The microfiber is fine, it works pretty well. Overall, I’d say a good Facebook purchase. 


Mark B.

I just got my Pro kit today, and tested it on my low sitting Mustang, my slightly elevated Jeep and my high sitting Heavy Duty Ram 2500. It performed amazingly on all 3 vehicles! I'm glad I went with the Pro though. I thought I would still need a small stool with the Ram, but the arm was long enough to reach the entire windshield without a stool. Thanks for a great product! P.S. I only ordered it 2 days ago and it's here already!


Gary L.

This thing is great. Truly. Life changing


Sharon C.

Just got this and used for the first time...love it!


Bill U.

Just got mine yesterday. Did the windshield and yes it does an awesome job. Windshield has never been so clean and streak free.

Karen C.

I have one. It works.


Kevin M. 

I watched the video, thought why didn’t I think of this, bought one and….WOW. All the off-gassing from leather dash glue. Gone. No more haze. Factory clean glass in 2-3 minutes. Great job guys. Side note: I used a foaming glass cleaner that sticks to the pads.


Lenny M. 

"Windshield Wow is awesome, makes it so much easier to clean your windshield inside & out, glad i ordered this little beauty.."


Frank K.

"First time use out of the box this product has worked wonders. I hate smudges and streaks on my windshield. With each use I believe it will only get better and be the new norm and expected results! This product is great and 100% worth it!"


Hal P.

"Totally worth the money. I just tried this product for the first time. I was a little concerned about the price but it turns out it did a fantastic job and is well worth it in my opinion. The magnets are strong so it takes a little elbow grease to push them across the windshield but that’s also why it does such a good job on the inside. I am a happy customer. Totally worth the money."


Ted H. 

"I bought this; not for my car; but for my 9th Floor Condo; on the beach; that cleaning the outside of the windows is a challenge all by itself. I saw these on facebook; i thought, “WOW; THAT IS WHAT I NEED.” I have two screened windows; one not screened in between. I got the product 2 days ago. Today; i tried it on one screened window. WOW! I did run into the “skipping” the video mentioned; they did separate. Glad it was on the screened window as the outside magnet/washer did not plummet 9 stories. BUT? It is the absolute BOMB for window cleaning. I need a little more practice before I pull the screen and wash the middle window with this; but I know I have the solution to cleaning 9th floor windows with pretty much ease. What a GREAT idea!"


W. Curtis P. 

 I just used mine for the first time yesterday and I've never had cleaner windshields.  It's actually really good and the magnets are really strong.


Mike J.

I bought this a few months ago for my Camaro as the windshield is steep and the rear window you need to be a contortionist to try and clean from the inside.  This worked amazing, clean windows!


Thomas N.

2001 Firebird here and I have the WOW and does great on my swept back windshield.  I love it and easy to use too.


Linda B.

The really DOES work well. (And this is the first time I have EVER commented on an ad.


Michael B.

Got it a couple months ago.  Really works well.  Best I've found for cleaning windshields inside and out.


Matt S. 

I was a skeptic, but works amazing!


Kevin O.

This is a great windshield cleaner by far!!! This does what is says it does and it does it perfectly!!  You will not regret getting this!!  I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a try.  I am glad I did!!!


Doug P.

Receive my WOW yesterday.  Tried it out on my wife's Escape this afternoon.  So clear it looks like the windshield was taken out.


Marty P.

Have had mine for a few months.  Used it quite a few times on both cars.  Excellent results!  Also great for storm window in front door!


Doug V.

I just got my WindshieldWow kit today and gave it a shot.  A great idea and a great functioning product!  I am very pleased with this product and its performance.  Well done!  Strong magnets but not too strong and certainly not too weak either.  My favorite benefit is no more contortions required for cleaning the inside glass especially for my rear glass.

Marlene A.

Used it for the first tie today and I LOVE IT!!  Need a little elbow grease, but it is SO worth it!!  My windshields have never been so clean!!


Ken. C

Got mine a week ago and love it.  Had to wait for it to quit raining long enough to try it out but it did a great job,


Ross C. 

My classic car windshield has a steep raked windshield and rear window.  Before I bought this, I was always cleaning oily film from my windows and was never really able to clean everywhere and get all the streaks to go away.  I spend way less time cleaning windows, do it less frequently, and they look better than ever.



Tommy D.

As a professional detailer this has been a much needed breath of fresh air from doing windows the old school way.  Great product SALUTE!


Don S. Jr

It is totally worth it.  It made my Tesla easy to clean front and back windshields.  I also did our sliding glass doors and front storm door.  So great!


Yoccm N.

This device is great!!  Just make sure you remove the foam that they sit in....I felt like an idiot for about 3 minutes.


John J.

This product is unique in that is actually works as advertised.  I clean two windshields in less than 10 minutes, not counting the video!


Tony M.

Congratulations on being the 1/10th of a percent of advertisers to offer something useful on Facebook.


Bill C.

I've had mine for a few weeks but just used it for the first time yesterday.  Very happy with the results.  Only thing I would address with the design is the rubber grip on extension handle.  It come off too easily.

I previously asked about use on a back window with vinyl stickers.  I decided to see how it worked in that situation.  Everything is still intact, didnt pull anything up.  Your mileage may vary but I'm very happy with my purchase.


Bryan C.

I'm not usually into internet gizmos.  Okay, I am a little bit. This is a great one.  I own big vehicles. Not really big like big rigs, but trucks and vans.  They have big windows that are far from the seating area.  This doohickey does what it says.  Stand on the front tire and maneuver this gidget back and forth, and boom, you're still standing on the tire of a pickup truck whishing you owned a Mazda Miata.  At least my windshield is clean.


Eric S.

Got this for my B-day.  I used it on our 3 cars over the weekend.  It works GREAT.  I sound like a paid endorser but this is such a great idea for anyone who cannot stand a dirty windshield..


Barton B.

Love mine. I used Griot's Garage Window Cleaner.  Absolutely perfect results every time.  Excellent product!


Thomas D.

I was skeptical but it does work well.


Casey M.

Bought this and used it for the first time today.  Great product.  Makes cleaning hard to reach windows super easy.


Gray D.

Cleanest my windshields have ever been. Yes, used it on three different vehicles and all three came out spotless.  I use Stoners Invisible Glass.  Have to be mindful of mirror mounts and a-pillar plastics on the inside but easy to get the hang of.  Well worth the purchase price!


Matthew H.

Wife got this for me for Christmas.  It's a quality made product.  Overengineered if you ask me (a good thing).  I cant stand a hazy windshield but also can't get to every spot.  This solves both problems.


Richard F.

Bought it and it works as advertised.  Takes a bit of more arm strength than I would have thought.


Ed D.

I am lucky enough to live near the company that makes this so I went there in person and bought one.  I was treated to a tour of the factory.  Not only is the inventor of this a really nice guy, but I can assure you this product works great.


Felix W.

Just got mine.  Yep, it works.


Ed J.

This works as advertised.  Windows in my trucks have never been cleaner!!!


Guy C.

Just used mine for the first time on my lunch break.  Works great.  Very well made.  Brilliant idea and shipped super fast.  Thanks!


Earl Le.

I did two windshields today.  This makes it a snap.


Paul R.

Got mine and did my F250.  Awesome!!! No more glare.  Just a High Def clena windshield.  I love this thing.


Freddy S.

This really comes in handy when you have a roll cage that makes it hard to to the inside.  Very happy with it.


Richard B.

This product works really good!


Joe S.

Got my WindshieldWow in the mail yesterday.  This morning went out to give it a try. Absolutely LOVE this thing!  U enjoy washing my car, but the one part of the job I have ALWAYS hated was cleaning the inside of the windshield.  My car had a pretty good film on the inside that needed to be removed before a long drive this morning.  Went out and followed the directions provided in the video and had no issues.  Didnt separate once (came close a couple times when I got too close to the edge), and it worked like a charm.  Did the wet wash then used two dry microfiber cloths like recommended in the video, and the windshield is super clean both inside and out.  Will be using this EVERY TIME I clean my car.

Also bought the home window kit so excited to try that out on our windows around the house!


Kurt S.

I love mine. I would recommend buying a couple of the magnetic reducer pads if you have a newer  vehicle with a thin windshield.


Mike S.

Works great!


Joey M.

Got mine.  Excellent product!  My front windshield has never been so clean.


Joshua M

Absolutely love mine.  It really does work.  For year, I could never get rid of that haze after cleaning the windows.  This thing does it.  And it does it well.  From a car guy here-I'd highly recommend it.


Kimberly Ann

It takes some muscle but it works.  We clearly got a stronger magnet than the video one LOL.


Allan M.

What a great product.  You did a great job with this one.  A must have for anyone's car care products. Thanks so much.


Piotr P.

I like it and it works as advertised.  The magnets are strong and hold on to the pad on the other side of the window----the magnets are very strong.  Its a good exercise for your arms lol.... I used it a few times now and and just love it.


John L.

I've used mine on my car twice so far.  Love it!!!


Rob D.

I bought one and I am super impressed, well made.


Sean B.

I received my Pro-Kit and I used it on my Ford Transit high roof van.  It did an amazing job.  I could have done it with the regular kit but the pro extension was helpful for the outside.  Its a giant windshield and now its crystal clean.  Love it.  Would definitely recommend.


Kyle R.

This product definitely reduces cleaning the inside of a windshield from a major annoyance to something fast and easy enough to do on a regular basis.  Definitely recommended.


Jeremy E.

This thing is amazing  Just got mine today.  I hate cleaning the windshields on my cars, but I hate dirty windshields more. This thing brilliantly solves both issues.


Dan K.

My buddy bought one of these. It actually works, really well. I thought he was kidding, but he seriously uses it on all his vehicles.


Tina-Marie S.

LOVE this! 


Scott D.

This product is amazing! Cleaned 4 very slanted windshields and back glass in a 2013 Accord, 1997 Camaro, and 1969 Stingray. It has been impossible to clean the steep glass in these cars particularly the Camaro hatchback...well worth the money!


Bill P.

Received last week and used it for the first time last night on my Camaro and it has a windshield and back glass that are a PITA to clean on the inside….have to say it definitely works as advertised and very well I might add. We also have two newer Durango’s with multiple windows that it’ll come in handy for.
My only complaint is I didn’t receive any of the ultra plush towels with my kit, outside of that A+.


Debra D.

Got mine a couple weeks ago. It worked really well. No hazy fuzziness or streaks.


Spencer B.

I bought one. It works great, but don't rush it. Take your time.


 Nicolas P.

I ordered one after seeing the ad and it IS a wonderful product! Does everything it says it will do and my windshields look brand new! My wife said it looks like there is “no glass” in front of her as she drives!


Virginia E.

We just received ours and our windshield is the cleanest that it has ever been!