Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Keep the External Paddle away from the black border visible on the outside of your windshield.  This black border runs all the way around your windshield and can be 2 inches wide to as much as 4 inches near the dash.  What most people don't realize is behind this border is everything that the internal paddle can't possibly go through:  Left and right pillars, the dash, mirror mount and the ceiling edge.
  2. Make sure the extension arm Hinged Head is installed onto the external paddle correctly (if you are using the extension arm).  The stainless steel pin goes downward into a small receiving hole?  The hinge action should be low on the paddle.  If you have it upside down the extension arm will push high up on the paddle's knob and it will fall off.
  3. Please watch the "First Time Use" video on our website to ensure you fully understand proper usage.
  4. Make sure you don’t have the black foam storage trays attached to the paddles.
  5. Reduce friction by applying a little more cleaning liquid to the inside and outside surface.  Too much friction may cause the paddles to separate while trying to push/pull.
  6. Slow down your movements the drier the windshield is.  Moving the paddles too fast for the wetness conditions of your windshield can lead them to separate.
  7. If all else fails, your windshield may just be thicker than most windshields. If this happens to be the case, consider trying our magnetic concentrator discs to increase the pull force of the magnets up to 40%.

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  1. After the first washing of the cloths, lint should be reduced.
  2. Makes sure you don’t use bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets. 
  3. Drag the internal paddle to a position close to your side window when you stop it. Remove and wipe any lint left behind where you stopped. 
  4. Alternatively, try the 1/4 square paper towel technique for the final dry buffing step:

Apply a 1/4 square of dry paper towel to a dry blue microfiber cloth on each paddle. Use this technique to dry buff the windshield instead of the blue microfiber alone. Note: Dry buffing with this paper towel technique should be done with your windshield mostly dry and the paper towel dry as well. Wetness will tend to make the paddles chatter quite a bit. Any paper towel brand will work. Some brands can already be torn into quarters (Ie. Brawny Tear-a-Square). Also, ones that are generally thicker and tougher are better. 

1. Remember, the powerful pull strength of the magnetic paddles is what gives the WindshieldWOW! it's cleaning power!

2. Perform your wet cleaning with adequate glass cleaner to both the interior and exterior paddles. More cleaning liquid allows for less friction.  We also find Sprayway Brand Foaming Action glass cleaner makes it especially easier to push/pull.

3. Move the paddle a bit faster (if you have enough spray on the windshield) or slower (if the windshield is too dry).

4. Try using the extension arm. This can provide more leverage for easier pushing/pulling.

5. If it's still too hard to push/pull, try using one of our Reducer Pads that can be quickly attached to one of the paddles to reduce the pull strength by up to 20%. Using a reducer pad on each of the two paddles will reduce the pulling force even more.

If the WindshieldWOW! paddles "stutter" or "chatter" then there is too much friction. Here is what you can do to eliminate "stuttering" paddles:

1. Use more cleaning liquid.

2. Move the paddles faster (less jerking movements--move them more fluidly).


If you have accidently stuck the paddles together you can separate them with a dull butter knife or even a plastic dish scraper as a wedge.  Wedge the dull butter knife/plastic dish scraper into between the two paddles on one corner and carefully pry them apart enough to get your finger tips of two hands into the space.  Firmly pull apart the corner and continue along one complete edge being carefull to not overly flex the paddles backward as this might break them.  Once separated keep them apart and only join them in the future between your windshield glass or when you store them in the black foam storage trays.



Check out our ACME Thread Extension Adapter. This will allow you to attach any painters pole (with male ACME threaded end) to achieve virtually any extension length. ACME Painters Poles are available at any hardware store. We recommend the Mr. Long Arm brand.

NOTE: You must already have the Adjustable Extension Arm for your WindshieldWow for the ACME Thread Extension Adapter to attach to.

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