Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Please watch the "First Time Use" and "Using Your Extension Arm" videos on our website to ensure you fully understand proper usage.
  2. Make sure you don’t have the black foam storage trays attached to the paddles.
  3. If the internal paddle hits the window trim, window frame, rearview mirror island, or any hard object it will separate.  This is not because the magnets are weak, this is because of interior obstacles that you must be cautious of. Maneuver around window trim and other objects slowly and carefully. Keep in mind that all car windshields extend a couple inches more all the way around on the outside than on the inside. Most exterior sides of car windshields have black tint where the windshield isn't active on the inside (i.e. there is something hard and impenetrable there!) Keep the outside paddle away from these tinted areas and the inside paddle won't hit any hard object and fall off.
  4. Reduce friction by applying a little more cleaning liquid to the inside and outside surface.  Too much friction may cause the paddles to separate while trying to push/pull.
  5. Slow down your movements the drier the windshield is.  Moving the paddles too fast for the wetness conditions of your windshield can lead them to separate.
  6. If all else fails, your windshield may just be thicker than most windshields. If this happens to be the case, consider trying our magnetic concentrator discs to increase the pull force of the magnets up to 40%.

Follow these important rules every time and you will get streakfree results on your windshield with WindshieldWow!

1. Avoid cleaning your windshield in the direct sun or in very hot conditions. Seek a shady and cool spot. Why? Because direct sun and hot conditions cause your glass cleaner (no matter how great it is) to evaporate the liquid so fast that dirty residue will be left behind almost instantly. Make sure the liquid cleaner actually stays mostly unevaporated for the entire cleaning process.

2. Choose a good quality "streak free" cleaner.

3. Always begin with clean microfiber cloths. You may even want to wash them for the first time after receiving your WindshieldWow as some oils from handling may be present.

4. Do a "wet" cleaning evolution first by spraying the microfiber cloths directly with your chosen liquid glass cleaner--use ample amount. Keep doing as many wet cleaning evolutions as needed to clean your windshield thoroughly for the level of dirtiness of your windshield. Keep doing wet cleaning until little to no dirt is being picked up by your microfiber cloths.

5. Immediately followup the wet cleaning with new dry microfiber cloths and complete the cleaning with a dry buffing evolution. You must make sure you still have some moisture on the windshield remaining after the wet cleaning evolution. If there is insufficient wetness spray a little directly onto the windshield before doing the dry cloth buffing. Never even let the windshield dry on its own.

6. If the above tips still don't solve your problem with smears or streaks, it means there is still some oily residue or grime present that your wet cleaning and drying evolution is simply not removing. Try a degreaser solution of a few drops of Dawn dish soap in a spray bottle of water to thoroughly clean the windshield of any greasy/oily substances first using the WindshieldWow. Follow this degreasing cleaning with the normal use of the WindshieldWow using your favorite glass cleaner.


  1. After the first washing of the cloths, lint should be reduced.
  2. Makes sure you don’t use bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets. 
  3. Drag the internal paddle to a position close to your side window when you stop it. Remove and wipe any lint left behind where you stopped. 

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If this is still inadequate, try to use the WindshieldWOW! paddles oppositely by putting the external paddle inside and the internal paddle on the outside. Then, push the paddles around from the inside of your vehicle. 

1. Remember, the powerful pull strength of the magnetic paddles is what gives the WindshieldWOW! it's cleaning power!

2. Try adding more liquid glass cleaner to both sides. More cleaning liquid mean less friction.

3. Move the paddle a bit faster (if you have enough spray on the windshield) or slower (if the windshield is too dry).

4. Try using the extension arm. This can provide more leverage for easier pushing/pulling.

5. If it's still too hard to push/pul, try using one of our Reducer Pads that can be quickly attached to one of the paddles to reduce the pull strength by 20%. Using a reducer pad on each of the two paddles will reduce the pulling force even more.

If the WindshieldWOW! paddles "stutter" or "chatter" then there is too much friction. Here is what you can do to eliminate "stuttering" paddles:

1. Use more cleaning liquid.

2. Move the paddles faster (less jerking movements--move them more fluidly).

3. Turn the paddle 45 degrees, and push in the direction of one of the paddle corners

Use the Haze and Film Eraser sheets included with your WindshieldWOW! These sheets eliminate that stubborn haze or film that builds up on the inside of your windshield and also removes water spots in the outside as well. Place these sheets directly onto a microfiber cloth that has first been attached to each paddle. Can be used with or without glass cleaner. Finish off with a normal cleaning using the WindshieldWOW! 

First Time Use: WindshieldWOW!

Using Your Extension Arm: WindshieldWOW!

Using Your Extension Arm: WindshieldWOW!

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