Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Please view the "First Time Use" and "Using Your Extension Arm" videos below.
  2. Make sure you don’t have the black foam storage trays attached to the paddles.
  3. Make sure you are only using 1 microfiber cloth per paddle.
  4. If you are using a thicker microfiber towel of your own brand, it may be so thick that its reducing the magnet pull strength.
  5. If the internal paddle hits the window trim, window frame, rearview mirror island, or any hard object it will separate.  This is not because the magnets are weak, this is because the interior paddle can't magically go through objects (Duh!!). Maneuver around window trim and other objects slowly and carefully. Keep in mind that all car windshields extend a couple inches more all the way around on the outside than on the inside. Most exterior sides of car windshields have black tint where the windshield isn't active on the inside (ie there is something hard and impenetrable there! Keep the outside paddle away from these tinted areas and the inside paddle won't hit any hard object and fall off.
  6. Reduce friction by applying a little more cleaning liquid to the inside and outside surface.  Too much friction may cause the paddles to separate.
  7. Slow down your movements.  Moving the paddles too fast can lead them to separate.
  1. Immediately after the wet cleaning , replace with new dry cloths and perform a dry cleaning.
  2. If your windshield is really dirty, multiple wet cleanings may be needed. Dirt left behind will always leave streaks regardless of the cleaning solution used.
  3. Makes sure the cloths are clean and free from oils. Oils can leave smears.
  4. Try using a different glass cleaner. 
  1. After the first washing of the cloths, lint should be reduced.
  2. Makes sure you don’t use bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets. 
  3. Drag the internal paddle to a position close to your side window when you stop it. Remove and wipe any lint left behind where you stopped. 

Use the WindshieldWow! paddles oppositely. Put the external paddle inside and the internal paddle outside. The push the paddles around from the inside of your vehicle. 

1. Remember, the pull strength of the paddles is what gives the WinshieldWow! great cleaning power!

2. Try adding more liquid glass cleaner.

3. Move the paddle a bit faster.

4. If it's still too hard to push/pull try using one of our "Reducing Pads" that can be quickly attached to a paddle and reduces the pull force by 20%.


If the WindshieldWow paddles stutter or chatter there is too much friction. Here is what you can do to eliminate stuttering paddles:

1. User more cleaning liquid.

2. Move the paddles faster (not jerking movements--just move them faster).

3. Turn the paddle 45 degrees so you are pushing a pointed corner forward.

First Time Use: WindshieldWOW!

Using Your Extension Arm: WindshieldWOW!

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