WOW! Streak Free Cleaning Technique

We at WindshieldWow! take perfectly clean and clear windshields seriously, and we have a lot of experience with cleaning windshields and know the perfect technique to get your windshield perfectly clean and clear-just like it was a brand new windshield.  After all, we invented the first magnetic windshield cleaner!

The WindshieldWow! is the perfect tool for cleaning your windshield because it allows you to clean both sides simulataneously and applies super firm cleaning pressure so you don’t have to.

However, while the WindshieldWow! is the perfect windshield cleaning tool, the proper technique is a must to ensure a crystal clear, streak-free and smudge free clean windshield.  A poor technique, no mater how good the tool, will yield poor results.

Consider this:  Your windshield probably has never ever been as clean as it was when the windshield was brand new, right?  And how well have you ever really cleaned it?  I mean really scrubbing hard to get all that baked on impenetrable haze, film and hard water spots that inevitably build up on your windshield.

What Causes My Windshield to have Streaks and Smudges Even After I Clean It?

 In short, you didn’t really completely clean your windshield if smudges and smears are left behind after you think you’ve cleaned your windshield.  You see, the contaminants and pollutants from the air that have baked on your windshield may simply have been loosened by your wet cleaning process and then when you perform your dry cleaning buffing all you’re doing is smearing those contaminants around.

A Clean Windshield Is a Smooth Windshield

If your windshield is truly clean it will be ultra smooth.  Do the swipe test with a clean dry paper towel.  Crumple the paper towel and press it against your “clean” windshield and drag it back and forth.  If you feel alternating instances of the towel sticking and slipping as you drag it around, your windshield isn’t yet clean of those contaminants and haze and film.  Now you need to bring out the technique that works every time, even on the worst haze and filmed up windshield.  You need the Wow! Technique.  A technique we’ve perfected that will quickly and easily break up that haze and film layer of contaminants that are keeping you from that crystal clear windshield you desire.

Wow! Technique to Crystal Clear Windshields

Step 1: Mix up your special Wow! Cleaning solution by adding 1 Part of Distilled White Vinegar to 1 Part of Distilled Water. (This mixture breaks down hard water spots and baked on haze and film contaminants so they come right off onto the micro fiber cloths). Put into a Spray Bottle

Step 2: Apply blue micro fiber cloths to both WindshieldWow! cleaning paddles and spray liberally with your just mixed Wow! Cleaning solution.  Also spray some on your windshield inside/out.

WARNING: Do not let spray get onto vehicle paint as prolonged contact may damage clear coat.  Wash off any over spray on the vehicle paint.

Step 3: Apply the paddles to your windshield and perform a normal wet cleaning of your entire windshield with your WindshieldWow!, making sure to not miss any area.  Make several complete passes across your windshield.

Step 4: Inspect your blue micro fiber cloths, and replace with new clean cloths and repeat Step 2 and 3 wet cleaning until the blue cloths no longer pickup any dirt or grime from your windshield.

Step 5: Replace both blue micro fiber cloths with clean dry cloths and then attach a clean dry Wow! Magic Haze and Film Eraser Sheet (the thin white sheets that came with your WindshieldWow!) to each blue micro fiber cloths on your paddles.

Step 6: Apply the paddles with the white Wow! Magic Haze and Film Eraser Sheets to your windshield and perform a dry buffing evolution across your entire windshield making multiple passes. Be sure to pass over any cloudy smears or smudges you see until they are all erased.

You are done!  Feel free to use your own store bought glass cleaner to repeat the above 6 steps if desired but generally this isn’t required. 

There you have it!  These 6 steps above will get you perfectly clean and crystal clear windshields every time, without smudges, streaks and smears!