WOW! Streak Free Cleaning Technique

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We at WindshieldWow! take perfectly clean and clear windshields seriously, and we have a lot of experience with cleaning windshields and know the perfect technique to get your windshield perfectly clean and clear-just like it was a brand new windshield.  After all, we invented the first magnetic windshield cleaner!

The WindshieldWow! is the perfect tool for cleaning your windshield because it allows you to clean both sides simultaneously and applies super firm cleaning pressure so you don’t have to.

However, while the WindshieldWow! is the perfect windshield cleaning tool, the proper technique is a must to ensure a crystal clear, streak-free and smudge free clean windshield.  A poor technique, no mater how good the tool, will yield poor results.

The following technique will provide you the perfect streakfree results every time:

Wow! Technique to Crystal Clear Windshields

Click Here for video instructions.

Basic Rules to Follow whenever cleaning your windshield:

Rule 1. Never ever clean your windshield in the direct hot sun!  Why?  Because the hot sun causes rapid evaporation of the cleaning solution before cleaning is complete, leaving behind dirt and grime.  Its is best to clean your windshield in the shade (in a garage, carport , etc..).  If you do not have a shady spot, consider waiting until the evening when the sun is much lower and it isn't hot out.

Rule 2: Use a good quality streak free glass cleaner.  The testers are WindshieldWow! have tested many of these retail glass cleaner and we recommend SprayWay Brand (Foaming action) Streak Free Glass cleaner. While others may work for you, we have found that SprayWay Brand, Foaming Glass cleaner to yield the best results over any other glass cleaning solution.  

Rule 3: Note the black tinted border around your windshield on the exterior.  This tinted border area signifies where the hard objects such as your windshield mounting pillars, dash and mirror mount are located on the inside.  So this means your WindshieldWow internal paddle can not be pushed into this area.  So when using the WindshieldWow! you can not push the external paddle into this black tinted border area as the internal connected paddle with hit those hard objects and fall off.

Step By Step Technique for Streak Free Results

Step 1: Apply blue micro fiber cloths to both WindshieldWow! cleaning paddles and spray liberally with your chosen streak free glass cleaner (We recommend SprayWay Foaming Action Glass Cleaner)  Also spray some on your windshield inside/out.

Step 2: Apply the paddles to your windshield and perform a normal wet cleaning of your entire windshield with your WindshieldWow!, making sure to not miss any area.  Make several complete passes across your windshield.

Step 3: Inspect your blue micro fiber cloths, and replace with new clean cloths and repeat the wet cleaning (with additional glass cleaner as needed) until the blue microfiber cleaning cloths no longer pickup any dirt or grime from your windshield. (Note: any dirt visible on the blue cloths means you need to continue wet cleaning)

Step 4: Once your windshield is thoroughly cleaned (as evidenced by no more dirt appearing on the blue microfiber cloths), remove the blue microfiber cleaning cloths and replace with the Wow! Streak free Finish Buffing Cloths.

Step 5: With windshield dry (or mostly dry) re-apply the paddles to your windshield and perform a final finish buffing evolution across your entire windshield making multiple passes until the windshield has been completely finish buffed in all areas.  Don't stop buffing too soon.  Buffing removes any smears left behind. 

Look closely you will see them disappear as the buffing cloth does it's magic.  Stop too early and you may not erase all the streaks.  If you don't get streak free you didn't dry buff out the left over cleaner smears!

Note:  You can also use dry blue microfiber cloths for finish buffing as well!

You are done!  

There you have it!  These 5 steps above will get you perfectly clean and crystal clear windshields every time, without smudges, streaks and smears!

WindshieldWow! Recommends the Sprayway Brand Foaming Glass Cleaner for prefect results with your the WindshieldWow!  Sprayway Brand Foaming Glass cleaner can be purchased on Walmart, Target and any home improvement store.


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