Wow! Paper Towel Accessory

Paper towels work great as your final dry finish buffing step after your initial wet cleaning, ensuring no streaks or smears are left behind!

We recommend using a 1/4 sheet Brawny Tear-A Square brand paper towel.  The 1/4 sheet is the perfect size for our cleaning paddles and they will adhere perfectly to a dry, clean blue microfiber cloth that is already attached to your paddles.

So What is the Wow! Paper Towel Accessory for then if a 1/4 sheet of paper towel already adheres fine for Dry Finish Buffing?

While a 1/4 square paper towel (Brawny Tear-A-Square brand) already adheres perfectly to a blue micro fiber cloth for performing your DRY FINISH BUFFING (ie after your thorough WET CLEANING); this method of adhering the paper towel doesn't hold well if you want to use a paper towel for wet cleaning. Wet cleaning with an attached paper towel will cause the paper towel to roll out from under the blue micro-fiber cloth due to the excessive wetness of WET CLEANING.

Therefore, to allow you to WET CLEAN with a paper towel, we have created the WOW! Paper Towel Accessory as a means to more securely attach a paper towel sheet to your paddles to allow you to also wet clean with a paper towel.

NOTE: We still recommend using the blue micro-fiber cloths for your initial WET CLEANING step and only use a paper towel for DRY FINISH BUFFING STEP.


Using the Wow! Paper Towel Accessory:

You will need your WindshieldWow! device with clean blue microfiber cloths attached, two half sheet paper towels, and your Wow! Paper Towel Accessory attachment bead chains.

(external paddle shown with extension arm) 

Step 1

Attach a new set of clean dry blue microfiber cloths to each paddle (yes, these blue cloths are required as they provide a cushioning for your paper towel).  Position each paddle with their attached blue cloths on top of your 1/2 paper towel sheets as shown below.

Step 2

Next, fold the paper towel sheets over your WindshieldWow! paddles as shown below and get ready to secure them with the bead chains (Note: Separating the chains at their links so they make a linear chain (not a connected circle) is best) 

Note: If using the extension arm, double fold the paper towel about 1 inch and tuck that double folded part under the hinge of the extension arm as shown below.

Step 3

Place each chain onto the folded paper towel by holding the single length chain so one end is suspended just above the paddle and lowering it starting in one paddle quadrant and sweeping it around until its laid on top of the folded paper on all four quadrants.  The chain will stick to each magnet thereby securing the paper towel so it wont slip off when finish buffing your windshield.

Notice that for the paddle with the extension arm, you never have to place the chain under the hinge knuckle.