Windshield WOW! Pro Set

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Our Windshield WOW! Pro Set includes:

-Dual Flexible Magnetic Cleaning Paddles 

-Adjustable Extension Arm for easy reach on large windshields; features new and improved pivoting head

-Two Foam Storage/Paddle Separator Trays

-20 Pack Blue Reusable Microfiber Cloths

-10 Pack Yellow Ultra Plush Reusable Microfiber Cloths

-2 Pack of Streak Free Finish Buffing Cloths (shown in picture as white but are gray in color)

-Empty spray bottle to hold your favorite cleaner!

-Box for convenient storage of all your accessories!


See How it Works Here.


Covered by Lifetime Warranty: We will repair or replace this item, for free and for life, if it ever gets damaged, breaks, or has any other problem, no matter the reason of the damage. (excludes microfiber cloths and other accessories)



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Mike B.
United States United States
Close to perfect

Bought this kit because I have many cars with nasty windshields. I totally avoided cleaning the inside until I got this kit. Now I actually enjoy it. It works very well but does take some practice. After cleaning about a dozen windshields I found that for me, the best combo is 1 concentrator disk on each paddle and use original blue Windex to soak the cloths. I get minimal chatter when using this method wet and dry. The things I think can be improved are a plastic case (this is a Pro Kit after all), 1 more screw where the handle attaches to the head and a thicker or tighter fitting grip handle.

United States United States

Just tried my new windshield wow and it was amazing! I love that the company is veteran-owned. I'm a veteran and I try to support my fellow veterans. I watched the video and then went out to try it. Yes, it does take a little practice and a little bit of elbow grease. It is so nice not to have streaks or that haze (especially on the inside). Again, the results are amazing!

Hal P.
United States United States
Totally worth the money

I just tried this product for the first time. I was a little concerned about the price but it turns out it did a fantastic job and is well worth it in my opinion. The magnets are strong so it takes a little elbow grease to push them across the windshield but that’s also why it does such a good job on the inside. I am a happy customer. Totally worth the money.

David W.
United States United States
No streaks

Got my pro set month or so back. Have used it twice now on my F150. Product does make it much easier to clean that big ole windshield, and does a Great job of no streaks! My only complaint is the rubber handle on the extension pole does not stay on. Every time I pull the unit back towards me it comes off so I have to use two hands . Other than that works as advertised!

Ted H.
United States United States

I bought this; not for my car; but for my 9th Floor Condo; on the beach; that cleaning the outside of the windows is a challenge all by itself. I saw these on facebook; i thought, “WOW; THAT IS WHAT I NEED.” I have two screened windows; one not screened in between. I got the product 2 days ago. Today; i tried it on one screened window. WOW! I did run into the “skipping” the video mentioned; they did separate. Glad it was on the screened window as the outside magnet/washer did not plummet 9 stories. BUT? It is the absolute BOMB for window cleaning. I need a little more practice before I pull the screen and wash the middle window with this; but I know I have the solution to cleaning 9th floor windows with pretty much ease. What a GREAT idea!