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WOW! Paper Towel Accessory

WOW! Paper Towel Accessory

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Now you can easily use paper towels with your WindshieldWOW!

Each accessory kit comes with a pair of Wow! Paper Towel Accessory chains to effortlessly secure paper towels to your WindshieldWOW!

Paper towels work great as your final dry finish buffing step after your initial wet cleaning, ensuring no streaks or smears are left behind!

Note: Only recommended for final fishing buffing step.  Its best to still use the blue microfiber cloths for the main wet cleaning on your windshield.

Best of all paper towels are cheap and disposable, and will have you washing less micro fiber cloths!

Instead of using the Wow Finish Buffing cloths for your finish buffing step, use your paper towel of choice (applying a light mist of alcohol (preferred) or your normal cleaner) to dry buff the windshield to a streak free finish).

"Why paper towels? Aren't the Wow Finish Buffing Cloths for final finish buffing?"

With paper towels being contaminant-free right out of the package, it allows for a more effortless final finish buffing without any concern for any oily residue from handling or from initial manufacturing.  And no need to keep washing your WOW! Finish Buffing Cloths.  The paper towels can be your finish buffing cloths.

The introduction of our paper towel accessory  offers an additional option for the WindshieldWOW! lovers seeking an impeccable finish, while taking the WindshieldWOW! to the next level!


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