Windshield WOW! Gift Set

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Our Windshield WOW! Gift Set includes:

-Dual Flexible Magnetic Cleaning Paddles 

-Two Foam Storage/Paddle Separator Trays

-10pk Reusable Microfiber Cloths

-2 pk of Wow! Streak Free Finish Buffing Cloths

- Rigid Glossy Gift Box For Convenient Storage! 


For Vehicle Windshields (Front or Rear) Only. Not for use on Home Windows.  Any other use voids all warranties and any return eligibility.

Watch How It Works Here


Covered by Lifetime Warranty: We will repair or replace this item, for free and for life, if it ever gets damaged, breaks, or has any other problem, no matter the reason of the damage. (excludes microfiber cloths and other accessories)