Instructions for Proper Use


1. First Time Use Video (Click Youtube Link below)


2. Installing the Extension Arm

1. Remove the vinyl cover from the external paddle by twisting it and pulling upward at the same time.

2. Place extension arm hinge head flat onto the top of the external paddle’s knob top WITH STEEL PIN DOWN! 

3. Put the steel pin into one of the 4 tiny holes (not the larger ones)


4. Install threaded knob into the center hole and screw it into the threaded insert in the center of the paddle’s integral hand knob.  Hand tighten.  Note the hinge action is low and near the magnetic paddle.

The above picture is correct installation of the extension arm.(Note: The paddle is sitting in the foam storage tray. Do not keep the paddles in these foam trays when you apply them to the windshield).

5. Note the WRONG installation below:

The above installation is WRONG!  Notice the hinge head is on upside down.  The hinge action is high above the integral paddle knob.  This will result in the paddle falling off all the time when you push it with the extension arm. And the metal hinge piece could contact the windshield and cause scratches if you accidentally flip it off the windshield and onto its side. DO NOT DO THIS!!!  This can not happen if you install it properly. We are not responsible for any damage that is caused by improper installation of the extension arm.

3. Getting Streak Free Results

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4. Using the Extension Arm


5. Home Window Kit