Get a Free WindshieldWow!

Refer a Friend or Family Member and Get Your WindshieldWow! for Free

How it works:

1. Purchase a WindshieldWow! Pro Set or Gift Set

2. Request a Refer A Friend (RAF) Discount Code (Yes, you can get 1 for every Pro Set or Gift Set you buy).  After you purchase your WindshieldWow!, send us an e-mail at and request your discount code.

3. Give the Discount Code to any Friend or Family Member to use when they buy a WindshieldWow!.  They will immediately get a 10% discount on their purchase. 

4.You will be credited 10% of your purchase for each time your RAF discount code is used.

5. Once your code is used  a total of 10 times, your purchase is fully refunded.


How many discount codes can I get?

You can get 1 RAF Discount Code for each WindshieldWow you purchase.

Is the RAF Code Unique to me only?

Yes, we give you a special code to distribute to friends and family that is uniquely tracked to you.  As it gets used, not only do they get a discount on their purchase, but we credit you for that purchase and after 10 uses you get refunded 100% of your purchase price.

Does my RAF Code expire?

Yes, after 10 uses or 12 months it can no longer be used.  But you can always get another code if you purchase another WindshieldWow!

How will I know how many of my codes have been used?

We will send you an e-mail every time a purchase has been made with your code.

What if after 12 months my code hasn't been used the full 10 times, do I still get some refund?

Certainly.  If your code hasn't been used 10 times, you will still get a refund, just at a partial refund at the prorated rate (ie if only 3 used, then you would get a refund of 30 % of your purchase at the end of the 12 month period).

Will I have to request my RAF Refund?

No, if your RAF code is used the full 10 times allowed, you will automaticaly be refunded 100% of your purchase price. 

Can my Scout Troup, Swim Team or Club use the RAF Program for Fundraising?

Certainly.  If you want to earn money for your organization with the code, please let us know and we can make your code be used for unlimited uses for fundraising for the duration of your fundraising campaign.  We will give you 10% value in cash for each purchase made with the code.  Please include your organization name and address in your request.