WOW! Magic Haze and Film Eraser Sheets

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Yes, both sides of your windshield builds up haze and film over time that causes blinding glare in the sun or at night in headlights.  Your outside windshield glass gets it from hard water deposits (from rain or sprinklers).  But did you know the inside gets this hazy film too--and much worse?  Most people don't realize it but the plastics from your dash and seats continuously off-gas nasty plastic vapors that settle on your interior over time from the intense heat of the sun,  And overtime this haze builds up a virtually impenetrable film that wont come off with simple hand scrubbing.

Perfectly sized to fit in place of the microfiber cloths on your WindshieldWow!, these thin melamine sheets will easily remove that stubborn film that builds up on both the interior and exterior of your windshield!

Warning:  Do not use on after market applied tint film. These foam sheets may damage or abrade this kind of tinted window.  These sheets will not harm integral factory tinted windows (ie the kind where the glass is actually colored a tint color).

Includes 18 multiple use sheets.